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DVC Price History

DVC Price History   

Following is a list of known sales prices throughout the history of the Disney Vacation Club.  Note that these are base prices and do not take into account any promotional discounts applied at the time of the sale.  DVC's promotional discounts have ranged from the Magical Beginnings program, which required owners to sell back their first year's points in order to obtain a discount, to flat price reductions off of the base.  See the Promotional Discounts page for a summary of recent discount programs.

Pre-Sales $48.00
October 1991 Old Key West Opens
October 1991 $51.00
July 1992 $54.50
November 1992 $56.00
July 1993 $57.50
June 1994 $60.50
November 1994 $61.50
July 1995 $62.75
October 1995 Vero Beach Opens
March 1996 Hilton Head Island Opens
July 1996 Boardwalk Villas Open
January 1999 $65.00
May 2000 $67.00
November 2000 Villas at Wilderness Lodge Open
January 2001 $72.00
June 2001 $75.00
June 2002 $80.00
July 2002 Beach Club Villas Open
December 2002 $84.00
August 2003 $89.00
April 2004 $95.00
May 2004 Saratoga Springs Opens
June 2005 $98.00
May 2006 $101.00

Note that these prices apply only to the current "new" resort being marketed by DVC.  For example, the current (June 2005 to present) price of $98 per point applies only to points at Saratoga Springs resort.  DVC will sell member points at the other resorts, which are technically "sold-out", but the prices will vary.

If you have any additional information to add to this table, please contact us.