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Old 01-09-2019, 01:46 PM   #21
Grand Villa
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Originally Posted by GrnMtnMan View Post
I encourage people to look into Keen's Sandals. Afternoon storms are an inevitability, and having no socks at all means no soaking wet socks when you need to walk through a puddle.

I keep meaning to try Keens. I have issues with my feet/foodwear, and need a wide shoe/ usually with a hard sole, like a Birkenstock. I want to give these a try, as I've heard so many good things about them. (and I wont' have to wear my ugly crocs...I sure hate them, but so far , they are the most comfortable shoe I've found for Disney, and good in the rain)
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Old 01-09-2019, 02:28 PM   #22
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Default August

August is hot - it is Florida after all. I used to enjoy going during the later part of August, appeared that some of the Southern Schools go back to school earlier so generally a bit less crowded plus the point chart dips. Once kids went to college had to move off of this schedule.

I had the Keen shoes (above) they are a good choice - hate wet socks!
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Old 01-09-2019, 02:56 PM   #23
Add-on Aficionado
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Way too hot for me, but way better than work regardless. Option B is definitely your best bet, what I do over 95% of my visits unless the temperatures cooperate (which for me is less than 75 degrees). Park early and late, air conditioning in between.
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Old 01-09-2019, 03:54 PM   #24
Two Bedroom
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I did two College Programs 10 years ago and between them, I have worked at the parks every month out of the year. I am also the Disney Guru for our family. Whenever anyone asks me about going to Disney World in the summer and what my advice is it is always the same don't go then. It will be hot muggy, and very crowded. It is very worth it to pull your kids out of school in January or the 1st of December or another month to not have to deal with peak level crowds. There is basically no force on Earth that could get me into Disney World on a peak level crowd day it's just not fun when you can barely move, especially if it's super hot.
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Old 01-09-2019, 04:30 PM   #25
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We've been doing late July/August trips to FL the last 10 years, and yes it's 'hot' but it all depends how you handle warm weather. We live in Iowa, and sometimes it gets really hot here in the summer and very humid, and FL is not much different for us that time of year. We do the park early, pool in the afternoon, then return to the parks in the evening. Now, if you don't do well being outside in 90 degree heat, then you should re-consider an August trip. Otherwise, go and have a great time!
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Old 01-09-2019, 04:54 PM   #26
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Default August


We are in our 70's but still must go to Disney World only on school breaks because we have a 16 year old (yeah, a long story). We go to Disney World mostly in the summer. It is hot, sticky and exhausting. I am lucky if I can last more than a couple hours because of my mobility problems due to arthritis. Last time we went both my husband and myself used mobility scooters. This year, we will bring our service dog to keep me from falling and stumbling. I have more problems falling or stumbling when at Disney probably because of the different terrains. However, neither my service dog or I will probably last no more than a couple hours each day because of the heat, humidity, discomfort and fatique. This makes ticket prices a lot for only a 3-4 hours a day. In the past we bought annual passes and tried to make two trips in one year. My problem is that I still love Disney World and it makes me happy to be at the happy place. This year, we are going to pace ourselves and purchase 5 day military passes and one with a water park add on option for our 16 year old. He has mastered the bus system and goes on his own while we sit around the pool or hang out in air conditioning. We also own a small oceanfront condo in Daytona Beach where we spend some of our vacation.

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Old 01-09-2019, 07:33 PM   #27
Grand Villa
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When we followed a school schedule, we went end of June/early July and end of August.

We found end of August worked best and did this for a few years. Wanted to have summer camps over (cheerleading), regents over, any possibility of summer class over.

It is hot and humid. You will be dripping.........

We hit the water parks during the day. Relaxed at the resort and parks early evening or

We hit the parks early in the morning, took a break in the afternoon and then hit the parks again in the early evening.

It can be done. Hats, washcloth, lot's sunscreen and water. I also made sure I always had a thin/button down long sleeve shirt - the restaurants and busses are freezing............

I don't think I could do it today. I am sure eventually I will go with the grandchildren again because of school but my time will be even more limited in the parks.
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Old 01-09-2019, 08:07 PM   #28
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Originally Posted by cmrdgrs View Post
I think most of the Eastern states start back after Labor Day. But, I thought TX started in August too? No?
Most of Virginia and south eastern states are back in school early to mid August too.

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Old 01-09-2019, 10:34 PM   #29
One Bedroom
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A: Don't do it, and if you do then you are crazy!
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Old 01-10-2019, 08:32 AM   #30
pooh bears mom
Grand Villa
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We always go in the summer. used to be August, now July. It is hot, but no hotter than it is in southern New england imo. There are afternoon thunderstorms every day, and there are so many spots to cool off its really not that bad. Pack plenty of water for the parks, the only thing is the resort pools )or at least BCV) gets really crowded. Also bring an extra long sleeve shirt for everyone - restaurantes are really cold.
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