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Old 05-22-2018, 10:25 PM   #71
Grand Villa
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So for my DVC gone bad. One really didnít involve someone wanting to use my points but reading some stories here about friends not wanting to do anything or worse to me would be everything.
I had a friend years ago where I lived. Our children were the same age. We were close friends. I am one who loves to share if I love something. I donít play a one up game. There will always be those with more than me and those with less. Iím not in competition, just want to enjoy.
We started going to Disney after our second trip, while there. We joined DVC back in 97. When we went we stayed at the Poly concierge and loved it. My daughter was in pre-K. We went again the following year and I took her out of school.
So I shared how much we loved it there and my Ďfriendí decides they will go. I mentioned the taking out of school because she fretted about it and I told her. Your kid she can miss five days. Helped and gave every hint, so she could enjoy her stay as much as we did. Had a bottle of Champagne sent to there room one evening wishing them a enjoyable trip. Books Poly concierge. See I love to see people happy.
Flash forward we are were using a travel agent back then.we started going the first week of December and of course we loved it all the decorations etc. she wanted to hear every detail.
I was still in the early years using the TA for airfare. Well I call her, about something and she tells me oh your gf, is going to be there too how nice..... excuse me? When, who what? Seems my sharing how wonderful it is at that time, convinced her. But instead of saying a word to me, we lived across the street our kids saw each other almost every day. Not a thing, she booked at the same time we always go.
Off we go and we of course run into each other. She took her one nephew who was a preteen. She was more of a nervous type and didnít want her kids to do certain rides. I donít do those rides but I want my daughter to enjoy and my husband and her would go. I felt bad because her husband also wouldnít do those rides and god forbid she would let her daughter go on them. So of course her nephew was thrilled to have my DH around day one. Then it became a day of trailing along, with someone who did a surprise we are here too. And certain things my daughter did but her friend wasnít allowed. Sorry we didnít plan our vacation together, actually you just did your typical. She does this,then we have to.🙄Iím not changing the way we vacation or my daughter wasnít doing the rides she normally does because. You are here. Disney is big enough, and thatís exactly how it went.
I was nice enough when they had a later flight out on check out day to offer if they wanted to come over to our villa and I could order some things in. She declined. Iím sure she caught my attitude but if you decided to just go to Disney at the same time I do every year and then think when I see you there that my kid is going to not do what she usually does because you donít want your kid on rides because of Ďyour nervesí. Not happening.
It was bizarre why not say hey we are going blah bla. I donít want vacation with anyone full time necessarily but. Seriously, oh we just happen to be in Disney the same time you go every year.
Sort of like when I was watching her kids when her father was ill. I need to find something for the babies bottle. I open a kitchen drawer and there on top is a brochure from the place we stay every year at the beach, never said anything in conversation which we live in a state that the beaches are a hour away, I just happen to go several states away. Really you could just ask me, I will share.
People friend or family are perplexing.
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Old 05-23-2018, 03:39 PM   #72
One Bedroom
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Wow- hard to believe folks can be like this. But at the same time, not surprised. Our story is nowhere near as crazy but I can see how it just escalates. My BIL was planning a trip and he mentioned it to my wife. She asked me to send over some details on renting points to help them save some research time (we were out but sent over links to Davidís and MO and mentioned they should book early). Never heard anything back- no questions. Find out months later his wife shot it all down saying ďwe are not buying DVCĒ without even paying attention to that we said rental. They waited too long, chose a busy weekend and then couldnít find the resorts they wanted. DW and I know we like Disney more than most folks we know so while we are happy to share our knowledge to help with the sometimes seemingly daunting task of planning a trip, we donít volunteer it or push it on anyone. Hearing the ďfunĒ stories here, I am fine flying under the radar and not getting caught up in point entitlement or expectation confusion or other such nonsense. I thought some joint family trips could be fun but DW might have the right idea that mixing Disney with family is too much of a risk of hard feelings.

Reading back, this might come off a bit jaded, but not my intent or how we feel. More of a chuckle and relief we have missed out on any Disney conflict for now. We both canít wait for our next trip but also donít want it to come too soon because it will mean our little guy is another year older and you can never get those days back.
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Old Today, 12:27 PM   #73
One Bedroom
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we went with my sister in law and her family about 7 years ago when my son was almost 3. It was his first time and her inlaws were there also. She stayed with us for about 1 day then left us in the dust! It was fine since my husband(her brother) was fine doing the first time things with our son.
Now years later I am going with just her and her daughter me and my son and another niece so I am looking forward to it. I m sure she'll break off for a bit here and there and its fine with me.
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Old Today, 12:55 PM   #74
Grand Villa
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The only people we share DVC compatibility 100% is our youngest DD and her family of 3. That is because they are also DVC members and know everything we know. We go at least once a year together, sometimes we share points for a 2 bedroom, sometimes they come and sleep on the couch for a portion of our trip. We know we don't have to hang out together 24/7 but do anyway most of the time. We vacation and tour exactly the same way.

We share with the other 2 DDs but it's more challenging for various reasons but have no horror stories, thank goodness.
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Old Today, 01:41 PM   #75
One Bedroom
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Glad we haven't had some of the horror stories. We sent DW parents 2 years ago and set up all their plans. They came back and said they had a good time. We took them back with us this past Dec. again us making all the plans and they said they got to see more in one day than there entire previous trip.
We have 2 more trips scheduled this year. First with our adult kids who are brining a first timer, second with my sister and her family with grand daughter plus DW aunt (another first timer)and uncle. Crossing my fingers since my sisters friend decided to bring herself and 5 kids along. Did someone say pool bar?
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Two Bedroom
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This thread brings to mind our first trip with stepdaughter, SIL, and 2 GS 3+ yrs ago.
I had a conference in January and staying at BCV so I gifted 1 week at AKL Jambo- savanna view (which I never do for myself since I am a point miser).
Stepdaughter wants an extra day but I am pointed out so I book OTUP and she reimburses me (okay with that). Then stepdaughter says she can't go unless she includes invites to the both sides of her whole family (including the DH ex-wife.) Stepdaughter says they may not come...but they did. So I was gracious enough to send links for discounted rooms via my conference and park passes with discount offers via Hello, Florida!
Ex/in-laws ignore my links and "wing" it but come for the grands first WDW trip and displace me from the park touring firsts.
I have to endure a sit down meal with all the interlopers and even offer my TIW discount and the restaurant was good enough to allow all parties to use it on split bills.
The poetic justice is they (ex-mother in law and ex-wife) did not book on the convention block rates and end up paying over $200/night for Pop Century as last minute only room available option (would have been $97/night back then).
I guess that was a reversal of pixie dust...
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