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View Poll Results: Should DVC implement more restrictive policies toward reservation modifications?
YES 126 36.10%
NO 223 63.90%
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Old 02-07-2019, 09:36 AM   #441
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Originally Posted by disney65 View Post
Happening repeatedly for last at least a week now. Can not check availability or make reservations. Yesterday i got logged off while searching.

Diseny IT is updating the systems.....The Travel Agent site has a notice about it and it also has been in/out the past week.
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Originally Posted by disney65 View Post
Happening repeatedly for last at least a week now. Can not check availability or make reservations. Yesterday i got logged off while searching.
This has happened to me all week.
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Originally Posted by FCivish3 View Post
In the end, if EVERYONE used ALL their points and they never 'wasted' them by letting them expire, then EVERY ROOM WOULD BE BOOKED, EVERY DAY, ALL THE TIME. Since there are exactly as many rooms available as there are points to use those rooms. So, this means that ANY easy availability that you have MUST come on the backs of people who are letting their points expire. Think about it.

(EXCEPT for the Lockoff Premium, where Disney sucks extra points out of our pockets, as FessParker1 said.)
There also will be a few points that open up because people exchange out through RCI or the Disney Concierge Collection, or they exchange for a cruise, but most of those points do NOT just disappear from the system. Instead, Disney then takes them and books most of them out as room rentals. So that doesn't help much.

The truth is, if Disney had planned ahead (and the way they should plan for future DVC Resorts) is that they should only sell about 90% of each resort, and set the other 10% aside as 'Flexible Reserve.' AND THEY SHOULD CHARGE THE OWNERS OF THAT RESORT 10% MORE, for points, including 10% more on their Maintenance Fees. Then that extra space would be available for people to use, and it would free up the system INCREDIBLY, and make ALL reservations much more convenient and flexible. And Disney could still keep the 'Breakage' as rental rooms, at, say the 1 month window. I know Disney keeps 2% of resorts, BUT THAT ISN'T ENOUGH.

That is how it SHOULD have been done. And how it should be done going forward. It should have been at ALL DVC Resorts. But it won't be done that way, because then those people who buy new points at those new DVC resorts will be bearing the brunt of the Expense to provide flexibility for everyone, since everyone could currently exchange in to those resorts. Still, since they look like they are going towards a DVC 2.0, maybe this is one of the changes they should make. Because then Flexibility and Convenience of booking could REALLY become a selling point.
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Originally Posted by FessParker1 View Post

I would rather NOT walk. I really would just like to be able to sign onto the reservation system ANY time, ANY day, and just pick out what I want and make the reservation. But that is NOT how DVC works.
This is not how any timeshare system that I own or know of works. They all require a degree of advance planning and things will be unavailable at some point in any of them. It's in the nature of the way the system works and is supposed to work. And these are the flexible systems.

Contrast this with the fixed-week systems where you will always get your same week/unit every year. I much prefer (and only own) the completely flexible systems and I'm willing to accept how they're supposed to work.

(The quote I quotes was broken in that post, but I believe I've fixed the issue in this post )

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