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Old 09-21-2018, 10:21 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by brp View Post
Frightening and scary device. Can't even imagine having one at home, much less bringing this invader on a trip

Yep. I unplugged ours after Amazon admitted that the Echo records you ALL THE TIME...whether you say "Alexa" or not. They provide copies of these full-time recordings to their third-party developers "to improve user experience."

There is of course no way they can control how data is used once it leaves their hands. So third party developers know your political affiliation, who your friends are (and aren't), your kids names and schools, etc.

Amazon of course does their own data mining. Many people have tested this...one of the more publicized stories was a couple who were talking about a stray cat in their neighborhood, when nearly immediately started receiving targeted ads for cat food and kitty litter.

Then of course was the verified story about Amazon sending a recording of a private conversation to a random person on the couple's contact list.

Fun times.
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Yup. I can use old-fashioned remote control or actually <gasp> go and flip switches. a) it avoids laziness. b) the invasion of privacy is simply unreal.

Of course, I live in the Bay Area...so Amazon already knows my political leanings

"...And your head is spinning from a loud guitar"
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Old 09-22-2018, 03:36 AM   #13
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I know itís not WDW but here at Aulani itís Disney-Guest.
BLT, VGC, Aulani
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Old 10-01-2018, 02:56 AM   #14
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Originally Posted by Carol View Post
In-room Guest WiFi (Disney)

is what my tablet saved on our last trip. We were at VGF and BWV.

Also saved:
Public Space Guest Wi-Fi (Disney)
Originally Posted by jamesa1 View Post
In-room Guest WiFi (Disney) here at BWV. Just connected my Echo Dot and did not have to select the network after transferring from OKW.
Thank you everyone for responding! This is SO VERY HELPFUL! (not yelling, just very happy & excited for the info!)

Originally Posted by missa986 View Post
Also, chromecast?
I am using a HooToo as a firewall and to boost the WiFi signal. I am using a Chromecast for streaming from my computer and smart phone.

Originally Posted by lisacast View Post
Last month we were at Kidani AKL. We had 1 room with an older smaller tv (still seemed like an ok tv to me but it was a little smaller), fire stick worked great and then after cruise we were in another room (same resort Kidani AKL) with a newer tv with a specifically Samsung tv, the fire stick did not work. Since it was a Samsung TV my daughter could connect her phone to the tv and my parents and her watched netflix from that. That probably was not the answer you wanted but we were able to connect either way.
That is so interesting! I have a Samsung phone and have had no luck streaming to the Disney in-room Samsung TVs with Chromecast. When I called resort Tech Support, he told me that they disconnect the Smart TV function on the TVs. As I was standing there looking at the Smart TV function, I knew he just didn't know how to help me, so he made up a lame excuse.

I have a traveling companion that always hooks up AppleTV, but I don't know how to hook that up, so I am using HooToo and Chromecast.

Originally Posted by luaulei321 View Post
I know it’s not WDW but here at Aulani it’s Disney-Guest.
Couldn't stream the last time I was at Aulani, will definitely use this info to program my equipment before my next trip to Hawaii! Thank you!

So glad to have the exact WiFi name! Thanks, Mouseowners!

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I get boosting WiFi signals and such, but I find that simply connecting my iPhone or iPad to the TV with an HDMI cable gets me all the streaming I need.

I never trust the WiFi networks to connect to devices properly and then they often have to be re-connected after 24 hours, too, so not worth it to me.

Then again, we also don't watch much TV at Disney.

If these devices do connect super easily - then that's a huge bonus. It would be nice to stream from my device (or the cloud) without having to have a an iPhone or iPad tethered by cable.


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