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Old 10-14-2018, 09:08 PM   #21
Grand Villa
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People were definitely buying halloween costumes and princess dresses at the outlet!

DAY 3 Ė Sunday 10/14/18
Who: Sue (59), DVC Member

Plan: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Food & Wine

Actual: I slept well again and got up around 5:30. This room is a dedicated studio, with a stairwell on one side. As such, unless noisy people are talking in the hallway itís very quiet. I made my cappuccino and did online stuff, stopping to make my breakfast around 8. I also switched my Animal Kingdom fastpasses over to Epcot, as thereís no way I want to be in AK during the afternoon when itís 90 degrees! So, it was bye-bye Flight of Passage but itíll be there next time.

Around 9 I got ready for the pool, and headed downstairs. It was another nice quiet morning, although it felt hotter than yesterday. I lasted until 11:45, then moved to the shade for a bit before going upstairs to take my shower. My old travel buddy Sheila is here with her husband and her son Colinís family, and she texted me just as I finished getting ready. They were having lunch at the Garden Grill (think thatís the name Ė itís the revolving character meal in the Land), so I headed over to Epcot to see them after their lunch.

It was pretty warm out, so my plan was to see Sheila and then get the hell back to the air-conditioned resort until later, lol! However, there was no line in Canada so I decided to have the cheese soup and pretzel roll for lunch. It was delicious, and I shared a table by the water with some other people who were sharing a combination of things from Canada and New Zealand. When I finished, I got a glass of the Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc from New Zealand and sipped it as I walked to the Land. It was a good wine.

At the Land I first went down to Seasons, hoping to get a couple oatmeal raisin cookies to take home. SB loves them, and I usually bring him at least one, but they donít seem to sell them here anymore. They also donít have them at Beach or Yacht, so later I may check the Boardwalk Bakery. I bought a magic cookie bar for later, and then went upstairs and sat in the restaurant waiting area for them to finish lunch.

Sheila & I traveled together for many years, back when we were both single moms with a son. We met when our sons were on the same little league time as young kids. Now our sons are dads to their own kids. In Colinís case, he has 4, plus his wife is pregnant with #5 due in January! Theyíre all adorable, but boy I bet that many can be a handful! We visited for a little while, then I headed out. They had a fastpass at Spaceship Earth and I went in the other direction to use mine at Imagination. They really need to redo this attraction, as itís pretty sorry.

From there I exited the very hot park and walked back to the resort. When the clouds would cover the sun it wasnít too bad, but when it was sunny it was brutal. I updated the report and just hung out in the nice cool air conditioning for a while. Around 4 or 4:30 I walked back over to Epcot, and when I got to the top of the hill from International Gateway I ran into Sheila & Jerry with the 2 granddaughters. One was asleep, and the other soon followed. I hung out there talking with Sheila, and Jerry was suffering in the heat. It felt like close to 100 degrees today, and Jerry doesnít have the best health, so it was tough on him.

As we were talking, Carol Stein walked by and stopped to talk Ė sheíd finished up her day at the Rose & Crown Pub. Sheís been traveling a lot lately, sharing great photos on facebook. She had Sheila take a picture of us with her phone, then we all went our separate ways. I headed into Future World and thought about getting the piggy wings at the Flavor of Fire stand. But, the line was in the sun and moving very slowly so I left. Instead, I walked over to the Festival Center for a ghiradelli sample, and then sat with some wine and played mahjong on my phone to pass the hot sunny time of day.

My fastpass for Spaceship Earth started at 5:30, so around that time I walked over there. Once again, there was no line, and checking my phone confirmed I had an email telling me it was down again! This is ridiculous! I asked the cast member if it ever came back up last night, and she said it didnít but it was up most of today. Tonight I wasnít going to stand around waiting for it, so I walked back to World Showcase.

It was still really hot, but once I got to Canada I found a shady spot right along the lake that had a nice strong breeze blowing. I stayed there about 30 minutes or more, even staying through part of Raffyís set. Theyíre a Canadian group that does pop songs, and they were ok today. The other days I wasnít impressed. Eventually I started walking again, in search of dinner. I was torn between the beef tips over gouda mashed potatoes in Belgium or the roasted bratwurst in pretzel roll in Germany, and Germany won. I got it without the mustard, so mine was fresh. It was very good!

This afternoon and evening, up until about 8pm the lines were very short at all the food & wine booths. Once it was 8, it was like all hell broke loose and every boothís queue was completely filled. I was glad I did my eating earlier than 8! I checked my phone a couple times, and Spaceship Earth was still down.

I stopped in Mexico and rode the boat ride, getting the front seat of the boat. Itís not something worth waiting for, but itís a cute ride. Afterwards I walked into Future World to the Flavors of Fire booth and got the chocolate picante for dessert. This is a dark chocolate mousse with cayenne pepper Ė itís delicious but definitely hot! There were some crunchy things in there too, which were a nice surprise.

I walked back to World Showcase and made one more loop around the countries before exiting at International Gateway. Pete & Judy called as reached the gateway, so I talked to them while walking, until I was back in the studio. At the bridge I turned left to Boardwalk and checked the Boardwalk Bakery for oatmeal raisin cookies. They had them Ė and theyíre now $3.29 rather than $3.99 the last time I got one here. I motioned to the cast member that I wanted 2 of them, paid for them, and walked back to Beach Club.

Once I finished with Pete & Judy I had a frantic work text, so I sent some information and later talked with a co-worker to find out what messes were going on (hurricane related). Once that was done I finished up the report, just as Illuminations started. This has been a great little trip, and Iím thankful I was able to get away and enjoy Food & Wine Festival for a few days. Tomorrow Iíll leave early, to get back to work. I didnít bother with an album for this trip, and mostly left the camera in the room. What few photos I took on Friday Iíll include in the album for the next trip.

The next trip will be the ďrealĒ food & wine trip, with 4 nights here at Beach Club Villas in a studio followed by 4 nights in a 2-bedroom over at Boardwalk. SB, Chris, Amanda, Ari, and Pete & Judy will all be there at some point during the Boardwalk portion of the stay.

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Old 10-14-2018, 09:28 PM   #22
Grand Villa
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thanks for sharing and braving the heat.
We were there in late Sept and it was brutal (heat index of 102 ).
We stayed at Jambo house with no pool but managed to enjoy pool hopping at Kidani and Boardwalk to make the trip bearable.
It is hard to enjoy the rich food and wine in sweltering weather (we were thankful for the frozen caipirinhas at Brazil but not as boozy as they should be).
I spend a lot of time at the festival center and Nomad lounge this trip.
I agree the chocolate squares were a nice touch with the wines, until I found one in DH shorts pocket after the laundry back home (good thing Ghirardelli's has a good seal so nothing got ruined ).
Here's to hoping you have good weather on your bigger family trip !
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Old 10-14-2018, 11:28 PM   #23
Add-on Aficionado
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Thanks as always for sharing, Sue. Hoping for much better (cooler) weather ahead.
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Old 10-15-2018, 06:22 AM   #24
DVC Board Guide
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Originally Posted by wdw1972 View Post
The next trip will be the ďrealĒ food & wine trip, with 4 nights here at Beach Club Villas in a studio followed by 4 nights in a 2-bedroom over at Boardwalk. SB, Chris, Amanda, Ari, and Pete & Judy will all be there at some point during the Boardwalk portion of the stay.

We will be looking forward to it!

Thanks for sharing.......Til the next trip report.
Love, Faith and Pixie dust!
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Old 10-15-2018, 10:25 AM   #25
Two Bedroom
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Loved your report as usual and looking forward to the next one. Always love the details.

Yay for the Oatmeal Raisin cookies!

Definitely not yay for the closing of IG first week in Dec when I'm at BCV.
Very disappointed. Thank you for informing us.
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Old 10-15-2018, 11:34 AM   #26
Disney dreaming
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Have fun love the Beach Club.
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Old 10-15-2018, 12:13 PM   #27
Simba's Mom
Grand Villa
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Originally Posted by teachmusic View Post
I am SO BUMMED about the closing of the International Gateway in December!! Very poor timing, as far as Iím concerned! Now Iím grateful we arenít staying at BW or BC during our stay in early December!
I didn't know about the IG closing. How long will it be closed for? What are BC guests supposed to do to access Epcot? Can they still take the Friendship Boat? If so, that's still inconvenient-it takes as long to go over to the dock as it does to walk to Epcot.
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Old 10-15-2018, 01:18 PM   #28
Two Bedroom
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Every year we attend F&W a little later as we try to avoid the afternoon heat. We were just there 10/4 - 10/8. It was steaming. I think we will try early November next year.
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Old 10-15-2018, 02:55 PM   #29
One Bedroom
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Originally Posted by Simba's Mom View Post
I didn't know about the IG closing. How long will it be closed for? What are BC guests supposed to do to access Epcot? Can they still take the Friendship Boat? If so, that's still inconvenient-it takes as long to go over to the dock as it does to walk to Epcot.
From what I understand, the boats will not be in operation at all. This leaves only bus transportation available for EPCOT as well as HS. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE TIMING.
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Thanks for another great report.

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