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Originally Posted by PSULion22 View Post
We finally saw I2 last night. As we expected, and others mentioned here, it lacked the heart of other Pixar films. It was enjoyable, at least as much as the first. But both movies just leave something to be desired, particularly compared to Coco.

I don't know that Mr Incredible was portrayed as weak, or any more weak than he was in the first film. Elastigirl has always been the stronger of the two. Bob may have had the reknown, but he's always been a big oaf that was pretty much inept and caused as many problems as he solved. If you want to call out the overpowerment of a female by the weakness of a male, look at Violet and Dash. Violet was of the utmost importance in the film. They would not have succeeded without her. Dash was pointless. He just messed everything up.

I don't believe that the very small inclusion of the Underminer at the end of the credits is any foreshadowing. It just ended the credits the way they started, with a silouhette of the Underminer's drill car. An extremely far cry from a stinger we see at the end of the credits nowadays.

I don't get the confusion about Bao. It painfully clear that the Bao, though I'd argue it was a dumpling not a bao, was a metaphor for the woman's son. She was having empty nest syndrome, and was lonely because her husband was running off so quickly, so she imagined the bao as her son. It was doing the things that kids do as they grow up, and that moms and sons do together. Being an overbearing Chinese mother, she is overprotective of the "kid" and doesn't want him to leave. She's upset because she feels he doesn't need or want her anymore. So to keep him from leaving, she panics and eats him. Then she feels awful about it. Yes, it's a little dark. But it's again a metaphor for doing something extreme and hurting a relationship. I had thought maybe this was all because the kid had died somehow and she was feeling guilty and remorseful for a fight they had and the aftermath. Luckily that wasn't the case, and he was just moving on with his life to her dismay. I'd assume that anyone with kids can relate to all of this as their kids grow and become more independant.
I forgot to post after watching but I agree with this. I do think the Violet/Dash characteristics are reflections of their parents. Violet is more like her mo and Dash more like his dad. Feature wise they are that way too.

I had no issues with how Mr. Incredible was portrayed. He was very much in character an when he's out of his element in particular (not being a super is a big one) he's not all that great. Plus all parents who are thrown into a situation stumble when we're not used to it. I know I'd stumble if I went back to an 8 hour, 5 day a week job. Not because I'm inept, I'm just not used to it.

The small bit with the Underminer in the end was rather disappointing. Both my son and I were like "that's it?"

That said he really liked it a lot more than the original. I think he liked the more complex story line.
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