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Old 11-09-2018, 09:30 AM   #31
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People behaving badly is a societal problem.

A little kindness goes a long way.
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If a kid or an adult is messing with you or your kids, you definitely have a right to say something to that person. Bullying other kids and throwing sand at mother is a direct conversation with a management CM or security. If saying something doesn't stop in, then it's better to get Disney involved.

I agree that lifeguards may be limited in what they can do if behavior isn't in the pool right in front of them, but there are bar CMs and other CMs who can quickly call somebody or have the authority to step in.

I'm certain at Stormalong Bay, there are non-lifeguard CMs hanging around. Less sure about the DVC pool since it's so small.


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Originally Posted by jbethel77 View Post
We've been going to Disney pretty often for the past 5 years (2013 is when our Disney addiction started!)
We feel like it's just us, but it seems like with every trip we've taken, the people are getting more and more rude. We've gone all different times of the year too... busy times "slower" times, but the rudeness is always there. We don't let it ruin our trips and of course it wouldn't stop us from going. Everyone has different personalities and handles situations differently, but the common courtesy seems few and far between nowadays.
I understand that in a place as crowded as Disney, I will occasionally get bumped in to or even ran over by a stroller, but what's so hard about saying a simple "excuse me" or "oh, so sorry"?
On our last trip, on our last day...we were searching for a table outside of Casey's (as I'm sure y'all know, that can be quite a challenge) Someone saw us looking and offered us their table since they were about to get up. It was such a simple thing, and I would never expect someone to do that, but I almost wanted to cry because of their generosity. I realized we had been dealing with so much rudeness that whole trip, that simple act made me have hope for humanity again! LOL
I'm sure there's still a vast majority of people who still have common courtesy, especially the people on these boards. I guess my point is... even though some people are losing all manners, we have to keep ours and maybe we can make someone's day!

Edit: iíll also add that I was five months pregnant at the time of the trip. So that also could have been the reason for wanting to cry! Lol
, especially about the issue of getting bumped in to by a stroller. Last January, some lady rammed DS in the back of the ankle so hard he bled and she had the nerve to try and act like it was HIS fault! It really is a good thing that he was with my husband and not me because I am pretty sure my claws would have come out!

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Originally Posted by Beth33 View Post
What terrible behavior. Is there a point where it is okay to parent someone else's kids? If so, how far is too far? Personally, once a kid lashes out at my kid, I feel okay telling them that's not acceptable and they need to stop. I wouldn't feel okay taking away a bucket or holding a kid's wrist to stop sand throwing, and it sounds like that might be what it would take to get these kids to stop. Not sure what the right thing to do would be.

Is it appropriate to bring aggressive kids to the attention of the CMs? Perhaps not the lifeguards; I don't know how much they're supposed to take their attention away from water safety. Kids shouldn't get away with behavior that would get an adult thrown out. I'm not saying that the kids should be thrown out, but they shouldn't get a total free pass just because they're kids.
If they can't act respectfully toward others, then they should not be allowed to stay. How else will they learn there are consequences for their actions.

Though I get why the CM's don't like dealing with it either and may look the other way. At least until a guest brings it front and center to them and they have to deal with it. They likely get tired of the rude parents that tend to go along with the rude kids.

OP hopefully your trip is ending on a high note!
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Originally Posted by carolina_yankee View Post
...but there are bar CMs...
Would be cool to get the bar bouncer to handle it

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