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Default Our Quick Spring Break Trip: PICS & VIDEO - completed

We decided a handful of months ago that we would go on a vacation this year over spring break since they moved it so early in the year. We finally decided on 2 nights at Disney and 2 more in Tampa with my in-laws. This is all based on my memory so hopefully I don’t miss anything too important or good. I’ll attach photos I took as well, which were either photopass (AP holders) or with my cell phone. No more fancy photos for us.

Just 3 of us. Me (just turned 40) My husband (39) and my son (9).

Day 1

We left on Tuesday morning. It was around 20 degrees out and snowing. Boy was I glad to get out. First time using TSA Pre-check for all of us as in the past only one or two members in our travel group had it. Very nice and glad I had my DH finally pay for it. We had about a 30 min wait to board an we only left about an hour before hand. Boy I love living close to the airport that has fast TSA lines.

Flight was on time, but had a tiny delay due to needing to de-ice.

Landed to mid 60s in MCO. Went to Alamo and picked a smurf blue Mustang convertible. With the top down and my SunPass in place, we made our way to Disney World.

No traffic for us and we made our way to Beach Club. Arrived there and went to check in area since my text and e-mail both said I needed to stop at the desk. The lady checked me in outside so no need to go inside. She got all of our bands working and handed me our packet. She couldn’t figure out why we had to stop at check in though. She commented on my keychain and bands in a good way. Apparently the new pucks in keychains are not popular yet as many CMs commented on how great they were. We were in room 419 - 1 bedroom. Right as we were going to park the fire alarm went off. I was concerned we’d have to leave our stuff in the car, but we didn’t as only the main building was being evacuated.

After being at Polynesian (both studios and bungalows) and then a 2 bedroom at OKW, the 1 bedroom at BCV did indeed feel small to us, but that was fine since it was just the 3 of us for 2 nights. I did get a huge bruise on my leg just above my knee after walking right into the coffee table. With the bed out there wasn’t much space at all to move. It was dark and I forgot the coffee table so I jacked myself really good. My husband constantly kept hitting his leg on the ‘bar’ that sticks out on the other side of the sink since there was little room between the corner of the pullout and that ledge. I wound up pushing the sofa out more the next day because of it.

My overall feelings of the refurbishment are very positive though. The rooms still feel very beachy to me. The tile in the bathroom shimmers like sand. The colors are soft and what I would expect of a beach resort. The little touches in the pillows are wonderful. I loved the hidden Mickeys in the carpet in the halls. The flooring was very nice in the rooms. I also loved all the paintings and pictures. Very much a Beach Club feeling to me.

The lack of a Jacuzzi tub is a non-issue for us. I cannot think of the last time I used one of those tubs. The lack of the ceiling fans did not bother me either. I thought I would be unhappy even though PVB and BLT do not have them, but the air circulation was very good. I guess what Ken Potrock was saying to me in June about improving airflow was true. It never felt stuffy. I even had to call to housekeeping to get more blankets because it never felt quite warm enough for me even with the thermostat set up higher. So kudos to Disney for making the rooms comfortable even without fans.

Our room did have a tiny unusable balcony. That’s another negative with me and BCV. Hopefully our dedicated 2 bedroom will be better. Being on the 4th floor was very nice and will be a request of mine for June.

We made our way out of our room after dropping things off and headed to Epcot. I like the set up with the bag check & metal detectors. It went very fast even with my tiny little bag. We walked to our FP+ at Imagination (did as a throw away in case we were late) and spent some time up at the Member’s Lounge.

We took a small detour to see the butterflies

and then headed over to Test Track for our next FP+.

We looked at the app and noticed that Universe of Energy was a short wait so that was next for us since our next FP+ wasn’t until 4:50. I don’t know why but I love this ride with Ellen and “stupid Judy” After Universe of Energy we went to Spaceship Earth for our last FP+ of the day. The smell of Rome burning gets me every time.

At that point we were a bit tired and getting hungry. We decided to take a walk through World Showcase and get food there. We stopped in Mexico and saw a long line for 3 Caballeros and moved on after looking at the pavilion for a short time.

We walked the remainder of World Showcase until we got to France and decided on take out from the bakery. They have a great ham & cheese croissant and croque monsieurs. So we picked up some sandwiches and in honor of it being “Pi Day” I got a Citron tart (aka mini pie) to bring back to our room.

Since we were only staying there 2 nights we opted not to get real groceries. I did stop at the Market Place to get milk and some fruit to have with dinner. Came home and heated our sandwiches and finished with dinner. We relaxed and my son did some “extra credit homework” for school while we unpacked a little and got ready for our Illuminations cruise.

It was a little chilly out so we went early to ask if we needed to buy blankets or something for the cruise, but we were well taken care of with loads of blankets to share. This was a slightly belated birthday present to myself and I was lucky to have some friends who live nearby and others who just happened to be at Disney at the same time as us join us for a full boat.

Now this was my son’s first time ever seeing fireworks in person. Where we live our fireworks are often at 10pm and he just never was able to stay up for that. Our last many stays have had also 10pm fireworks at MK and again couldn’t stay up for it. With a 9pm show we knew he’d be good. So I have no pictures of the show itself as I just hugged him the whole time.

Disney took great care of us and there was a big selection of snacks and drinks for us to choose from. The driver was wonderful and I think this was the best view I have ever had of the fireworks. Definitely worth the cost for me. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Especially when staying at an Epcot resort. Very convenient to get to and go back to your room. The cruise around the area was nice as well and it was great to see everything lit up for the night.

The cruise was over and we said goodbye to our many friends. Some I’ll see in a couple days and some much later. We headed back to our room (grateful for the short walk) and called it a day.

I will say that the fold out sofa is very comfortable. My son slept like a rock through the night and woke up refreshed and happy for the day.

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Hey, HelenaBear, Happy (Belated) Birthday!!

I'm glad you had a great time! If you brought the sparkly MB, no wonder she loved it! That fireworks cruise definitely looks like it was worth it!! And...making memories with your son who is already growing up way too quickly!

I loved my 40's--May your 40's be AWESOME too!!
+ =
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Happy Belated Birthday! Great start to your report, thanks for taking the time. Glad you enjoyed the cruise.
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Lovely photos! That one of the Epcot ball through the member lounge is especially awesome. Looks like a fun couple of days. Glad you had fun!

Thanks for the report out on the fireworks cruise. Nice for DS that he got such a unique experience for his first fireworks show!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes! Since it was about a month after my birthday that was the only thing I did do for it. The rest was just us being happy we weren't back at home during the cold snap.

Something interesting I saw was we had photos saved from our last June trip. I didn't expect that because we had purchased the old APs and activated them the day before the new changes took place. We had purchased the photopass for that trip and those expired the usual amount of time after taken. I found photos from our June trip though on our account.

Even from the cute Community Hall photo booth they had. Really nice surprise.

More from this trip later today....
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Thanks for the trip reports and all of the great pictures. Looks like fun! Thanks for the info on BCV. We've yet to stay there...since BWV is our home, we always end up there, but I am pushing for a stay at BCV....thanks for info about the ceiling fans and air flows. Not having the fans is a huge 'con' for us, but we brought one on our last trip. Forgot BLT doesn't have any, so probably packing that again for May,
Cruise sounds wonderful. Will have to add that to our 'to-do list.' Love the butterfly pics too. We always take time out for ducks and lizards , but we'll have to look for the butterflies the next time
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Day 2 Wednesday 3/16

I won’t lie, it was chilly this morning. The temperature was saying low 40s and it wouldn’t get above 50 until later. We were torn on what to wear because even the night before we left the lows and highs were higher than showing that morning so we hadn’t planned for Ohio spring weather – instead of FL spring weather. Still we dawned our summer shoes and my son and I wore a sweatshirt. The wind was a bit biting at times, but we survived. Being from the Midwest we are more used to the cold, but I don’t like it. There were times in the early morning hours that I wasn’t very happy with flip flops, but didn’t feel the need for boots or full jackets like we saw on many.

I knew that Magic Kingdom was scheduled to open at 8am, but didn’t want to push anything since we had a later night. We were out the door relatively early, and arrived to Magic Kingdom at about 8:45 am. We managed to go through the bag check security line for the Contemporary walkers and will go for that one again if possible in the future. People behind me were complaining because they thought it was a bagless line. Still moved faster than the bagless line that was right by us.

Normally we avoid EMH at Disney but for the second day we just did it because that’s what we wanted to do in terms of parks. It wasn’t a bad choice given the weather as the crowds really did not start picking up until closer to lunch time since it was night time EMH there. It was a beautiful looking day though and that really made us happy.

We had a few FP+ scheduled for the day but also wanted to just see what was available. We walked towards Adventureland and decided to do a few rides before our first fast pass. We looked and almost went straight to Pirates, but noticed that Jungle Cruise was only a 5 minute wait. So with that we went there. My thought was do it first because it gets busier quicker and the line is outdoors so at least if Pirates got longer the line would be indoors.

Does duck taste like chicken?

This was a good move on our part because when we got off Jungle Cruise, the wait was now 30 minutes. So we walked over to Pirates and had about a 5 minute wait for the ride as well. Since we are crazy people, we wanted to go to the Tiki Room next. Got there just as the show was about to start so no wait at all.

It was now about 10am and close to our first fast pass. We saw a 25 minute wait for Haunted Mansion at this point and made the choice to just skip it and wander through shops instead to warm up my feet and my son’s legs a little. We also were a little hungry so made a stop at Gaston’s for their yummy cinnamon rolls. One easily was shared with the three of us. I also enjoyed looking at the shop there while we waited for my husband in line. I swear that line was longer than any ride we had been on so far.

By this point the sun was out and it was nearing 50 degrees so we were much warmer feeling. Time for our first fast pass. What did we chose our first fast pass for?

So my son has a thing for IASW and given the line was quite long for it already, I was glad to use the FP+ for it. We did notice that the band my son had picked to wear today was one of his original bands, so when it came time to have our names on the screen on mine and my DH’s showed up. I’m thinking that in the future we’ll carry his new puck around for things like this. He still is fine with wearing the bands as long as they are the old ones. The new ones are far too big for him.

After IASW we opted to go to Mickey’s Philharmagic. It was mostly just a walk on with almost no wait for the next show to begin. My son had not been on this one since he was a toddler if I have that right in my mind, and it kind of scared him so I wanted him to see it again. I have to admit I don’t like any 3-D movies because they are always very blurry to me. He enjoyed it a lot though. I think the loud noises likely scared him the first time but didn’t bother him at all this time.

I was impressed with what we had seen so far knowing this was a spring break week (though not THE spring break week). Over all the crowds were high but not insane high. It reminded me of trips we took in the height of the summer. We did have another fast pass up. We originally had Splash Mt. but no way in hades was I going to do that when it was barely 50 degrees out. So we switched it for Pooh. This page out of the book seemed fitting for the day.

And then the ride broke down as we were waiting at the gate to board. So no Pooh for us. They did give us passes to any ride but Peter Pan and 7DMT before we left. It was interesting to watch the CMs get together to go through to evacuate the ride (we were right at the front by the podium). We were hungry at this point so we went for lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Café. By this point it was over 50 and turning into a gorgeous day!

We decided to look at wait times and pick rides that had rather large wait times to see what we would do next while eating lunch. Probably because it was cold, mostly indoor lines were rather larger. Buzz at that point was 90 minutes so that was our winner. As a reference Splash and BTM were all only in the 10-25 minute range when we looked.

So we walked over to Tomorrowland towards Buzz to see that for some reason the line even for the FP+ was backed up. I assume a slow down with wheelchairs or a minor breakdown. Not a big deal for us because we wanted to take my son on Carousel of Progress as he had never been on that either.

We enjoyed it and by the end my son was singing along. Only sad part was the TTA was closed for some reason so we walked by that to use our paper FP for Buzz… still at a 90 minute wait for standby. The FP+ line took us maybe 5-10 minutes to get through.

My super concentration got me Space Ace level, where the guys didn’t fare as well (okay my pose didn’t turn out as well as theirs did)

By this time it was about 1pm and the warmth had finally started to come. We didn’t feel like waiting more than 20 minutes for a ride and since we didn’t feel like repeating rides or doing Splash we opted to walk some shops and kill some time until our last FP of the day at MK. We got sidetracked by the ice cream shop. I tried to go for warmer items, but nope, my son had no interest in the Main St. bakery. So he left with a Mickey cone and I had a scoop of cookies & cream with peanut butter topping. That was sooooo gooood!

We still had some time to kill so we opted for a mini Photopass shoot

We still were about 10 minutes early so we walked through the castle towards 7DMT. I had heard that you get about a 5 minute grace period to get on the ride with the FP+ and so we figured we’d try it. Sure enough even though it was 1:36 and our FP was for 1:40 we could get on. As we were in line I heard a family walking off the ride say “That was a great ride, but not worth the 3 hour wait” *eeek* We enjoyed it and I rode next to a lady whose 8 year old apparently cried the whole way so the reset of the family was waiting as she did her portion of the child swap. She had hoped that her daughter would want to ride it again while the dad waited with their too short younger daughter, but she enjoyed riding with us because my son has a blast on it.

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Day 2 con’t.

At this point it was getting close to 2pm and the park was getting crowded for the EMH. So we decided to leave. Only annoying part of our trip happened here. The express monorail was down and the resort monorail was backed up all the way down the ramp. The resort boats were very very long lines too, so we walked towards the ferry thinking that would be nice, only to find out they were doing one way only at that point from the TTC. You could not go to the TTC on the ferry. Only resort monorails and boats were running. The CM there was apologetic saying it had to do with crowds, but I thought this was insane honestly. Spring break crowds and only 1 direct mode of transportation to the TTC. People were apparently irate and a security guard was called over as my family chatted and decided what to do next. So we opted to take the stroll to the Contemporary since it was now super sunny and warm feeling (around 60 maybe) at that point. It was a lovely walk and we enjoyed wandering the lobby for a little while.

We saw one monorail pass us by the time we walked and saw a second as we were enjoying the resort. So not only was there just the one monorail line, but it was moving slow. We got there just as the third monorail pulled in and wound up being able to sit down. I was seriously surprised with the pure number of people who got off the monorail instead of just walking to the resort.

We hopped on the other monorail and made our way to Epcot. It was only 10 minutes from this view on the monorail

To this view while waiting inside the park for a pit stop

So the bag check line has been absolutely streamlined for Epcot. Honestly the bag check line was significantly shorter than the bagless line. Looks like those without bags are taking longer because they have more things in their pockets and such. I think if they can continue to bring in a few more metal detectors they will have a decent set up at Epcot at least.

After our pit stop, my son requested single rider line for Test Track. So we did. The sign wasn’t working and posted 50 minutes for single rider line. If I remember correctly the regular line was in the 60-80 range. We asked the CM and she said under 30 for single rider. It turned out to be 20 which made us all happy. We had a nice chat with a couple from the UK in line. They told us how one CM was claiming this was the craziest crowds she had ever seen as a worker. We thought “just wait until Easter” as she was very new I guess. As usual, I got to ride with my son since we always have one of us go in front and one behind him in the single rider line.

I had some shopping I had to do for a friend at Epcot so we wandered some stores. It finally got to 60 and we decided that it was warm enough for the pool – at least for the guys. So we walked back to our room via the IG and they got changed for the pool. The guys were in the pool for about an hour and I had a lovely conversation with a lady who was there with her grandchildren.

After the pool we went back to the room to change. My son decided that he would split a flatbread from the Marketplace with me. My husband opted not to eat dinner since he had the chicken for lunch at Cosmic Ray’s (huge meal). So I headed down to get dinner while they changed. We had a nice dinner, but at this point it was rather late in the day for us. We usually come back much earlier for a rest but stayed much longer than usual in the parks. My son wanted to get some extra credit done for school so by that point it was about 7pm.

I was disappointed to see there was no campfire that night. Not sure if it is a BC thing or a spring thing. I’m used to going every night like we’ve done at other resorts. I had some more shopping to do for a friend so I went back to the Marketplace to get everything for him. Of course shortly after I got back, my son asked for a little more food. Back to the Marketplace for some pretzels. It was close to my son’s bed time at this point so he showered and got ready for bed.

I had called down to housekeeping to get some more blankets and they came rather quickly. As I said the airflow was great in the room to the point that the thin blankets they use on the beds now were not quite enough for me.

After my son went to bed we relaxed and soon fell asleep not long after the Illuminations Fireworks had gone off. I was tired as I kept waking up shivering the night before even with the temp set to 70 (so the air was moving very well), so it was nice to have an early bed time.

Last Disney Day coming up
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Originally Posted by Jedimom3 View Post
Thanks for the trip reports and all of the great pictures. Looks like fun! Thanks for the info on BCV. We've yet to stay there...since BWV is our home, we always end up there, but I am pushing for a stay at BCV....thanks for info about the ceiling fans and air flows. Not having the fans is a huge 'con' for us, but we brought one on our last trip. Forgot BLT doesn't have any, so probably packing that again for May,
Cruise sounds wonderful. Will have to add that to our 'to-do list.' Love the butterfly pics too. We always take time out for ducks and lizards , but we'll have to look for the butterflies the next time
We've stayed at both BWV and BCV many times. Both have pros and cons to them, but if you can stay at BCV sometime, I suggest you do it. It is a great place to stay.

We use fans for white noise and prefer them over white noise machines really. We use them with or without ceiling fans. I will say that the ceiling fans at OKW moved the air less than whatever they did with the airflow at BCV. So I didn't miss them for that reason. I don't think BLT was quite as good with air movement. PVB was fine for us as well with the air moving around in both studios and Bungalows.

The butterflies are there during the F&GF only unfortunately. They have a nice little set up on the southeast side of Future World near the path leading towards Journey. If you can ever visit during that time they really are great to see.
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Very nice trip report and lovely photo's . Thanks for sharing !
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