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Old 10-11-2018, 04:55 PM   #1
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Default Sue's Quick Food & Wine Weekend - BCV


Who: Sue (59), DVC Member
Dates: October 12 Ė 15, 2018
Resort: Disneyís Beach Club Villas Resort (BCV)
Experience: Very Experienced Ė 44th stay at BCV

This trip is my usual short Food & Wine weekend. Before Disney moved the start of Food & Wine to my Labor Day weekend trip, this was my first Food & Wine experience of the year. However, thanks to Disney, Iíll be making my 4th entry to the Food & Wine Festival on the first day of this trip Ė and will thereby earn my passholder cutting board. When SB arrives, heíll be on his second visit. Tiana will be on her first (will get a second next trip), and Chris & Amanda will have already gotten their cutting boards since they had 3 entries with me in August and then had a nice September trip with Amandaís mom. We are a Disney bunch!

This trip is a solo trip for me. The weather is still ďiffyĒ in mid-October Ė itís very likely the days will still be too warm for my taste, but the evenings will hopefully be nice. I booked a studio at Beach Club Villas, because frankly I canít imagine staying anywhere but on Crescent Lake when something like Food & Wine is going on. I absolutely hated traveling here from Jambo House in late August Ė the front entrance of Epcot is the pits!

The day before the trip I headed down to southwest Florida, so I could check on our home in Ft Myers and spend the night with Chrisí family. Friday morning I have 2 dental appointments, then I head straight up to WDW. I have afternoon fastpasses in Epcot, and plan to enjoy Food & Wine. The concert is Anderson East, who I donít know at all, so Iíll stop by to listen to them at some point. Saturday is a busy Food & Wine day, so I plan to spend the morning at the pool. I have afternoon fastpasses at Hollywood Studios, but may not bother with them. I wasnít able to get Slinky Dog until the next trip, so unless the weather is surprisingly cool I donít see myself bothering to walk all that way (with the path disrupted) just to ride Toy Story. Iím sure Iíll wander into Epcot for the evening, even though itíll be mobbed. Sunday my friend Tiana was going to be coming down for the day, so we have fastpasses in Epcot and plan to focus on Food & Wine. On Thursday she let me know she couldnít make it, as her requested time off at her 2nd job wasnít granted. I may or may not use the fastpasses, since I really made them with her in mind. Smash Mouth is the group performing Saturday & Sunday nights, and I enjoyed them during Flower & Garden this year so Iíll certainly give them a listen again. I donít ďneedĒ to sit in the theater to do so, though. Monday morning I head back to work Ė a very short trip, but better than nothing!

I have no restaurant reservations, and donít want any during Food & Wine. Iím on the fence regarding signing up for Tables in Wonderland during this trip. Itís gotten hard to justify since we generally donít do the table service restaurants any more. I enjoy having 20% off to take the sting out of visits to the lounges, but it takes spending $750 to break even. Thatís a lot of wine, even at Disney prices. Just before the trip came the announcement that Disney had raised a lot of the food/beverage prices again. Itís beyond ridiculous at this point, compared to what weíre used to elsewhere in Florida. I canít remember my last table service restaurant meal, and at this rate I may never have one at Disney again Ė just on principle!

One additional ďwrinkleĒ to this trip is the recent Hurricane Michael, which caused serious damage to part of Florida. Iím a state of Florida employee and the ďheadquartersĒ of all agencies are up in Tallahassee Ė which was hit hard. When the folks in Tallahassee realized (shortly before the eye made landfall) what going through a category 4 (almost category 5) hurricane really meant, something had to be done to ensure all the locations statewide could still purchase needed supplies Ė so I got designated as the state purchasing director. Thatís one of the departments I oversee at our location, so Iíll be using my local purchasing manager to review each requisition for technical purchasing rules compliance, means that Iím likely to be spending a longer than usual amount of time online or emailing back & forth from my work phone.

The plans so far are:
Friday 10/12: Drive to WDW, Epcot Food & Wine
Saturday 10/13: Pool, Hollywood Studios, Food & Wine
Sunday 10/14: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Food & Wine
Monday 10/15: Drive to Gainesville

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Well life interferes and I pop back on again at the right time.Another Sue TR, Yay!
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Old 10-11-2018, 09:33 PM   #3
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Enjoy, Sue. Iím all too familiar with having to work while there. At least a far far better location from which to do so...
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Hey, no better place to work than The World.

But, hope you don't have your heart set on Smashmouth...they had to pull out today, because their lead singer was hospitalized! Sister Hazel is filling in.
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Old 10-12-2018, 01:22 AM   #6
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State Purchasing Director? You are about to be one very busy person! GOOD LUCK AND GODSPEED.
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Old 10-12-2018, 07:02 AM   #7
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I hope your trip turns out well. After seeing and reading all the reports yesterday on the destruction from the hurricane, I am thinking you might not have a very good trip.

I agree, the TiW card is getting harder to justify. We did recently purchase the card for this year, the first time in a few years. But we went once already and have four more trips planned thru July.....with a group of 22 in December. The December trip will easily cover the TiW cost all by its self.
Love, Faith and Pixie dust!
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Good Luck. The pictures from Mexico Beach and that whole area are terrifying and the catastrophic damage is simply hard to fathom.

MY WDW Visits...

1973 - First Trip out of KY and used Tickets from the Today newspaper
2004 (Alex First), 2005, 2006 (Romantic), 2007,2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,
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Simba's Mom
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I'm curious to see which studio you get at BCV. I've always considered BCV my "solo resort of choice" and this last time they assigned me a great studio on the fifth floor. Have a great weekend!
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enjoy your trip.
BTW the Liquid Nitro Chocolate-Almond Truffle with Warm Whiskey-Caramel was awesome and I enjoyed it with Port (the pour was too small for this MO, though.)
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